Think your onboarding system is “good enough?”

Think your onboarding system is “good enough?”
Don’t have a structured way you onboard new clients into your 1:1 business?  
  • You’re missing the opportunity of wowing your clients AND setting the stage for repeat and referral business.  

Here’s what you don’t know.

  • Most clients do not share negative feedback with the person they hired.  
  • They share this part of their experience with their personal network instead.
That’s the truth.  
  • Most people avoid conflict whenever possible.  
  • If someone is unhappy with the service or experience, they typically will not communicate it to the person who can actually fix it.  
What that means for you.
  • In the online space, news travels fast, especially when someone’s experience working with you is either amazing or disappointing.
  • You could spend time and money nurturing relationships and then when someone starts asking around about other people’s experience working with you, all that hard work is lost.
But it doesn’t have to be this way.
The good news is that you have the ability to impact this right from the beginning.
  • If you’ve done a thorough job vetting new clients to make sure their needs are in alignment with what you’re offering, the design and implementation of an amazing client onboarding experience is something within your control.
So what is client onboarding?  
  • It’s the first official” phase of your client’s journey.  
  • Of course there have been some unofficial” ones leading up to this.  
  • They may have followed you on social media, been an avid blog reader for months, or even attended one of your webinars.  
  • They may have been on your email list for hours or even years.  
  • The journey to the place of yes, it’s time to work together,” may have been developed over time or arrived very quickly.
But, bottom line, the honeymoon phase that you’re in right now is critical.
  • We’re not talking bells and whistles here.
  • What we’re talking about is setting the stage for client success, and that starts with having a game plan for how you begin your working relationship.
Think about the last time you invested in a coach, consultant, or a small group program.
  • You were probably super excited when you entered those last few digits of your credit card to secure your spot.
  • Your adrenaline was pumping and you just KNEW this was the best possible next step you could take to grow your entrepreneurial business.
Then, as a client, right after you say yes”, typically one of two things happen:
  1. You get inundated with a ton of emails (all marked important) that tell you more about what you just invested in.  And, you get your receipt.
  2. Or, you don’t get anything back.  No welcome email just a receipt of payment.

First, I want you to think about what you would most need as you step into this new working relationship.
  • It’s alot like when you first start dating someone.
  • You need to know the boundaries, the rules of engagement, and who will be calling who next.
In the role of a client, here’s what I believe is important:
  1. I want the person I just signed up with to show that they’re excited to get started and that I’m important, not just a revenue goal.
  2. I want reassurance that I made a good decision in investing my trust, time, money, and energy to work with them (no fluff just let me know that you’ve got my best interests at heart).
  3. I want to feel like they truly understand my challenges and the outcome I most want from working together (please don’t sell me here just reinforce that you know where I am right now and you know the road map that will lead me to my goal).
  4. Yes, I do need a receipt to show that I’ve paid, and if it’s an ongoing payment arrangement, I also want to know when I can expect the next charge to happen or invoice to be sent.
I also want to know things like: 
  1. What happens next?
  2. When is our first meeting?
  3. What should I be doing between now and then?
  4. What should I do if I need their assistance?  What are the guidelines for support?
What I’m not telling you is this . . .
You see I want to be a great client. 
  • I want to be the client you look forward to meeting with, who does the work she’s been given, who honors your boundaries, and gets great results. 
  • I want to be the client that exceeds your expectations. 
  • I want to be the client that you can’t wait to showcase.
  • I want to be the client that raises the bar on the outcomes you get for your clients.
But, I’m worried . . .
  • I’m afraid I won’t be able to do what I need to in order to be successful.
  • I’m worried that I’ll let you down.
  • I’m afraid I won’t get the results I want.
  • I’m afraid of failure AND I’m afraid of success.
But most of all, I’m afraid if I share this with you, you’ll agree.
If I’m going to be the star client that I know I can be, I need some help from you.
Please  . . .
  • Communicate with me
  • Check-in with me (especially when I’m not expecting it or I’ve gone “radio silent”!)
  • Hold me accountable
  • Create milestones that we can use to measure my progress
  • Make sure that I’m clear about my next steps
  • Be honest let me know if there’s something I’m missing
  • Let me know that you care about me and my progress
That’s what a wow” style onboarding experience should provide. 
  1. Communication
  2. Honesty
  3. Partnership
It’s about YOU setting the stage for an amazing outcome for your client.
What do you believe is important in kicking off a brand new 1:1 client experience?  

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